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Internet & Intranet Design and implementation .

A successful web site is more than an online brochure. It's more than a well-stated message. It's the inimitable combination of your industry knowledge and our technical and creative expertise.

We are experts in the development of:

Internet Sites

Anything from simple, effective brochure sites to technically complex online applications. We ensure that the site establishes, or reinforces, your corporate identity and branding. We design, build, and integrate interactive software and database functions. We use industry-standard applications to create dynamic sites that load quickly.

Corporate Intranets

LEXINGTON COMPUTERS Web Solutions is working with large companies on designing and maintaining their corporate Intranets, giving us an extensive Intranet knowledge base. You can take advantage of it to design and build a new Intranet site, or overhaul an existing one. By developing web-based tools for automating your everyday job needs, we can help you attain tangible results from your Intranet, such as reducing operations costs, improving inbound and outbound communications, and increasing workflow efficiency.


Combining many of the elements of both Internet and Intranet design, Extranets also require the careful consideration of security and integration of different systems outside the well-controlled environment of a firewalled Intranet.
This is the usual process for Web Design and development.


The consultation phase is to work with you to plan and organize the project. We identify the marketing, sales, customer support, and other business objectives of your site. We evaluate technical requirements and discuss ways to meet your needs within your budget.

Creative Brief

Depending on the nature of the project, we may deliver a Creative Brief before beginning the Design phase. This document summarizes design considerations such as creative vision, colors, fonts, and the tone, or character, of the final project.

Initial Design Report

We deliver this detailed report to you at the end of the consultation phase. The Initial Design Report (IDR) documents the technical requirements for the site, the number and types of elements (i.e. interactive, graphical, or static) the site will contain, the functionality of any interactive elements, and the site's basic navigational structure. This document also sets forth a plan of implementation: the schedule of deliverables, the scope and type of labor to be allocated, a timeline for completion, and the final budget. The IDR is a reference point for the development process and a blueprint for the project's feature set. This document may go through a few revisions until mutual agreement is reached between Fine Brand Media and our customer.


We combine our design expertise with your ideas and business objectives to create several different visual approaches. Using your input, we progressively hone the design until the site's visual objectives are reached with regard to graphic appeal, usability, and information architecture.

Other Services

  • Enterprise Networking.
  • Intelligent Building Systems.
  • Managed Networks.

Project Management

  • Local Area Networks (LANs) .
  • Network Re-engineering .
  • Wide Area Networks (WANs).
  • LAN and WAN Switching.
  • Virtual Private Networks.

Networking Courses

  • Cisco Training including CCNA, CCDA, CCNP & CCDP .
  • MCSE Windows 2000/2003 with Exchange Server Option .
  • Sun Solaris 8.0.
  • Novel Netware.